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3 wall bracket types

All wall mount Installations include Wifi setup, color calibration, and customer tutorial for your new Smart TV

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Customer Review 5 Stars 3-10-2019

Chuck came out last week to give us a free estimate to repair our 4year old TV that was out of warrantee. He arrived right on time. He gave me the quote for the parts that needed replaced, and did not push me to buy a new TV. Chuck suggested to my husband & I, to purchase a new TV “on sale” from Walmart, as the repair and parts were just shy of a new one. Our previous TV lasted 20 years. It was a shame to buy a new TV after such a short amount of time. Chuck informed us that the placement of our TV was directly under the AC vent and that cold air was dropping down on the back of the TV and getting sucked in by the TV fans. The cold air turned to water on the TV parts and caused an early death. He suggested that we wall mount the TV over the fireplace to solve the problem. He explained everything very well in layman’s terms, and it was easy to see he wasn’t trying to pull any wool over my eyes, especially being a person with zero television knowledge. He came back a week later and wall mounted the TV over the fireplace, It is like I have a new living room, with no wires or clutter. I greatly appreciate this business, and I would recommend them HIGHLY to anyone in need of TV repairs!

TV Mounting Service FAQ's

Can my wall support a large screen TV?

We can wall mount your TV on any type of wall, including drywall, wood, concrete, tile, stone, glass and brick.

If you're planning to get your TV hanging on the wall, you should consider a reliable TV installation contactor. While you might imagine this as a DIY project, a professional installer can save you time and money. Not installing your television properly can cause damage to your house or TV. A pro will do the job right. We have wall mounted over 5500 TV's and they are all still hanging.

We can wall mount your flat screen TV on any wall so you can start viewing your television ASAP. You can schedule as soon as today.

Does your TV mounting service come with a guarantee?

All of our installation services are backed by our “Life Time” guarantee.

Can you wall mount my size TV, on my type of bracket?

We can wall mount TVs of any size, on any style of bracket. You may provide you own wall mounting bracket, or purchase a TV Bracket from us. We make it easy to purchase a fixed, tilting or full motion TV bracket when booking your service. In that case, we will bring a brand new bracket to your installation appointment.

Can you install my Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG or my brand of TV?

We can wall mount any brand of television.

How far should I sit from my large screen TV?

Visit our handy TV size to distance caculator to easily find the estimated location and size of you wall mounted TV.

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Can you wall mount my TV if I did not buy it from Tri Star?

Tri Star's TV wall mount installation service is avalible in your area, no matter where you purchased your TV, new or used. As well, we can quote you the price for a new TV delivered along with the installation.

Is there Commerical or Business installation services available?

Yes we provide installation services for local businesses and commercial locations.

Can you hide the wires inside the wall?

Where there's a will there is a way, if it is technically feasible we will hide the wires.

How High to mount TV?

Tri Star is a professional TV wall mounting company. We get this question asked on every TV wall mount installation.

What is the correct TV mounting height?

The answer is… it is a personal preference. When we finish the installation of your wall mounted TV, you will be the one watching it every day. Once the installer leaves, You must be happy with the TV wall height location. The choice is your personal preference.

Do you want your TV mounting height installation to be aesthetically pleasing with your room décor? Then the top of the TV should be wall mounted at a height in alignment with the top of the window and doorjambs in the room.

Video gamers tend to like their TV’s mounted some what lower, to have the visuals at eye level.

Movie buffs tend to enjoy the TV mount height centered top to bottom on the wall as in a movie theater.

The correct answer is …

There is no correct answer. Before installing your TV on the wall... Our installers will show you’re the various height options. As well as the proper placement of your wall mounted TV. You will be 100% satisfied with the TV mount height location before the TV is wall mounted.

How Much Does it Cost to Wall Mount a TV?

As low as $50 for a simple table top set-up. According to Costhelper.com, brackets can range from $25 to $75 for a lightweight one and $80 to $300 or more for a more durable one that tilts, angles or has articulating arms that let you move the TV off the wall or swivel around corners. Commercial-style mounts, such as those in a bar, can cost $300 to $1,200 and up. According to Angies list a simple flat screen TV wall mount that does not require special wiring can run from $80 to $175 to install, while a more standard wall mount can cost $200 to $500. Angie's List customer's who had TV mounts installed, reported paying an average of $313, with a range of $250 to $375.

Each home and business Audio Video configuration is completely different. The cost to wall mount your TV depends upon many variables. Questions like, what type of wall? What is the age of the building? What is the size of the television? There are many factors to consider with each custom installation. At Tri Star Home Theater you can rest assured. You will get the best price for your home theater installation, Guaranteed!

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